What is the BreakTudo Awards? 

BreakTudo Awards 2023
BreakTudo Awards

The BreakTudo Awards is an award event created in Brazil to celebrate the biggest, new, and emerging events in music, television, and the internet. It was established in 2016 and takes place annually, with open voting to the national and international public. The event has only one category, Brazilian Pop Icon, in which the public does not vote, as the honored artist is chosen by the event’s own organization.

In 2018 and 2019, the winners were announced by YouTubers Tiago Fabri and Alexandre Duarte from the channel Virou Festa.

In 2020, the event was hosted by YouTuber and singer Escarião and, for the first time, featured musical performances by various artists, including Gabi Martins, Gerf, Giovanna Bianco, Francinne, MTK, Nanda Loren, Pedro Arcafra, Ricking, RIELL, and Running Lights. That year, the awards set its own record for votes on the website, totaling 94 million, compared to 24 million votes in 2019. The event was broadcasted by Telemilênio.

In 2021, the event was produced by the production company Telemilênio and recorded in Nova Friburgo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The presentation was hosted by actor Bernardo Velasco and presenter Gerf Barone. Among the artists who performed were Valesca Popozuda, Izzy La Reina, Gabi Lins, MC Jessi, Renan Cavolik, Marcos Veiga, Tiago Acosta, Ludmilla Lira, Leandro Martins, Victor Luvi, and Manola. The transmission was carried out by TV Cidade (NF), Telemilênio, TV Cidade, Yeeaah TV through Box Brazil Play, Soul TV, and Angola Cables.

In 2022, the event was hosted by Gerf Barone and Emanuela Nogueira. Several artists performed, including Manola, TINN, Igor Oggy, Gabi Martins, Duda Kropf, John Michael, Dayse Santos, Matheus Arruda, Julies, and Viegas. The broadcast took place through Box Brazil Play, Telemilênio, BreakTudo (on YouTube), and Yeeaah TV.

In 2023, Emanuela Nogueira and Gerferson Silva will host the event, and the broadcast will be on Box Brazil Play, Telemilênio, and Yeeaah TV. The performers are yet to be announced.